hi my name is hanna and i like the used, arctic monkeys, manic street preachers and fashion

angi eszti cyd bex milly

Ay my friend said goodnight with a
Shakespeare quote after he bragged about his vinyl collection what a nerd

My laptop died again sorry guys for leaving without saying goodbye :(


i tried to make the most attractive person ever to exist but i created a monster instead

ya but do u have a host club

youve got a point there

im stalking vaganova students’ instagram what am i doing

alienrat replied to your post: every school thats not vaganova academ…

ouran academy tho

im already going to a school full of rich kids 

every school thats not vaganova academy is a school i dont care going to 

i would do anything to see Royal Ballet’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


i went from wanting to go to dance academy to acting school to art school now i wanna study psychology yOU BET im gonna end up a teacher 

Summer is disgusting dresses are okay but it’s sleepwear that i hate most